Wurth Electronics ICS Inc

Address: 7496 Webster St
Dayton, OH 45414

Phone: 9374157700

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About Wurth Electronics ICS Inc

Wurth Electronics ICS core business is the design and manufacturing of custom tailored and off the shelf PCB based power distribution units, CAN controllers, HMI displays and control panels for the commercial vehicle industry. Wurth Electronics ICS supports more than 1000 active customers in Europe and North America serving the commercial and special vehicle industry, the construction and agriculture machinery, as well as the automotive industry. Wurth Electronics ICS is part of the Würth Elektronik group of companies that has more than 8,000 employees worldwide with generated global sales of $950 million in 2019.

Product Categories

New Products & Technologies

REDline Power Box M Plus, Wurth Electronics ICS Inc

REDline Power Box M Plus

The REDline Power Box M Plus is the ideal solution when the power distribution has to be positioned between the engine’s and driver’s compartment. The integration of a MEGA fuse on the outside of the box allows the protection of the components and creates a secured power line.

HV PDU 600, Wurth Electronics ICS Inc

HV PDU 600

The HV PDU 600 is a standard solution for power distribution in the 600V and 200A range for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is based on circuit board technology as well as press-fit technology, which enables optimum integration of high voltage / high current components.

REDline Power Boxes, Wurth Electronics ICS Inc

REDline Power Boxes

With the product family REDline Power Boxes Wurth Electronics ICS offers system solutions for power distribution, signal transfer and function control in mobile machines and commercial vehicles. The REDline Power Boxes are characterized by high cost-effectiveness, which is based on the standardization of the housing, with simultaneous custom configuration of the PCB and thus the functionalities.


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