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EquipmentShare helps contractors across the country build better and work smarter with the help of Track smart jobsite technology. In an industry ripe for disruption and innovation, EquipmentShare offers smart jobsite solutions that help contractors improve productivity and efficiency. Our mission is to not only offer an improved means of equipment procurement for contractors, but also to provide incredibly valuable solutions by leveraging technology that help contractors work better, more efficiently and increase productivity in the commercial construction sector as a whole.

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EquipmentShare Track, EquipmentShare

EquipmentShare Track

Track is a smart jobsite solution that connects your machines and provides powerful insights about how your equipment operates so you can increase utilization, productivity and efficiency on every jobsite. Track simplifies, streamlines and connects every piece of equipment on the jobsite, regardless of OEM. The data you get from Track helps you prevent accidents, secure machines from theft and misuse, and increase utilization while improving the health of your assets.

Sentry Keypad, EquipmentShare

Sentry Keypad

Sentry Keypad replaces universal keys to lock down machines and lock out thieves. Provide only trained operators with unique access codes to start machines. Keep your fleet safe from unauthorized operators with remote lockdown action, and disable an authorized account from any browser, any time. Sentry Keypad communicates with Track telematics to alert you when there are multiple unauthorized access attempts, when an authorized user starts up a machine or when a successful lockdown is initiated.

Tags from EquipmentShare Track, EquipmentShare

Tags from EquipmentShare Track

Tags track the approximate location of attachments and small implements on your Track-connected jobsites. Attach Bluetooth-enabled Tags to your attachments and they'll communicate location data to the Track-equipped machines onsite. Stop spending hours searching for the correct bucket or tool, and save thousands on replacement costs with Tags.



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