Digital Transformation of the Job Site

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Originally Aired - Friday, March 17 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

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Location: West Hall 206

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Title: Digital Transformation of the Job Site


Session Code: TS8

Taking even small steps towards a digitally transformed job site promotes safety, optimizes production, lowers costs, wastes less, and can attract and retain talent. Learn how to start taking these steps to start receiving those benefits:
• Digitally track costs of labor, machines and materials
• Receive real-time insights straight from the field
• Visualize your data for actionable results
• Accurately map your job site in less time
• Enhance workflow with fully integrated data
Every aspect of every site can be connected by data management and applications, managed from anywhere, with a holistic digital representation of your site. In this session, Jason will share which operations at the site can be digitized, what are the different options for your fleet to be digitally connected, and what can be remotely accessed from the office.



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