Bust Work-Related Stress with Easy Team Talks

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Originally Aired - Thursday, March 16 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

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Location: West Hall 211-212

Event Information

Title: Bust Work-Related Stress with Easy Team Talks


Session Code: SH12
A 50-minute workshop that helps managers and employees change their relationship with uncertainty and work-related stress. Participants will learn about the top common workplace stressors, their influence on us and how to reduce stress by reducing uncertainty, making room for greater psychological safety, inclusion and belonging -- even in situations when things remain uncertain. The session will also cover how communications and "listening to see" will help us shift the climate with positive impact on our own nervous system and that of those around us.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the top risk factors that influence our mental health at work and the actions to take.
  2. Understand the stress continuum and the 3 levels of stress.
  3. Name the top 5 areas of biggest stress in today's workplace and 5 easy strategies to reduce the impact.
  4. Describe how chronic stress impacts our window-of-tolerance and changes the brain.
  5. Name 2 strategies for increasing our tolerance for uncertainty and reduce anxiety.



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