Unpacking the Digital Twin

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Saturday, March 14 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Silver 3 - Tech Talks Stage

Event Information

Title: Unpacking the Digital Twin

Description: For the past few years, we have heard about the concept of a “Digital Twin”. Often associated with expensive manufactured products such as aircraft engines, a Digital Twin is defined as “a computerized (or digital) version of a physical asset and/or process.” Recently, the concept of a Digital Twin has entered the construction space, leaving executives wondering if this is the latest techie fad, or a lasting trend worthy of a time and resource investment.

Participants will learn:
• Why Digital Twin concepts are important both with the built asset environment and in the construction business itself
• How technologies your teams are using – or are asking for – apply to Digital Twin concepts
• How to use your Digital Twin investments to achieve ROI for your firm and for your customers

Type: Tech Talks



Hosting Association(s)

  • AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers)