Hydraulic Fluid Properties, Efficiency and Contamination Control

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Tuesday, March 10 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Westgate - Ballroom E

Event Information

Title: Hydraulic Fluid Properties, Efficiency and Contamination Control

Description: Topic 1: In this seminar participants will learn about the composition of oils, the properties of lubricants and how hydraulic fluids can affect machine performance. Conventional, multi-grade, synthetic and biodegradable fluids will be discussed. Research studies examining fluid efficiency effects in hydraulic motors, piston and gear pumps will be presented. The principles of oil analysis and filter selection will be outlined. The seminar concludes with case studies that demonstrates how filter debris analysis can be used to troubleshoot hydraulic system contamination control problems.

1. Hydraulic fluid base stocks and additives
2. Multigrade and synthetic hydraulic fluids
3. Fluid properties and hydraulic system efficiency
4. Basics of in-service fluid analysis and filter selection
5. In-service filter analysis case studies

Type: IFPE College Course