Scott Langbein MBA

Scott Langbein MBA

Global Director, Business Development at Digital Construction Works (DCW)

Scott Langbein is the Global Director of Business Development for Digital Construction Works, Inc (DCW), a digital integration services and solutions company. He has over 20 years of experience in the positioning and construction industry, with connections in the industry and a thorough understanding of the technologies used. Scott's current focus is on construction monitoring services and solutions. He collaborates with third-party monitoring services and technology partners to provide DCW customers with integrated monitoring services and solutions.

His interest in the positioning and construction industry started at an engineering firm while in college. It evolved into sales, regional management, product marketing, and strategy for Topcon Positioning Systems.

Langbein, born in Pennsylvania, graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Environmental Resource Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Langbein currently resides in California with his wife and three children.

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